Message from the CEO

In this economy, companies who survive have more than just a strong business model; they have aligned themselves with strategic partners in a joint effort to create a successful relationship, where each contributes to an accumulation of contacts, technological initiatives, and experienced industrial knowledge.

We have built a facade construction conglomerate, creating unmatched product line and comprehensive service offerings, aspired to become the frontrunner in facades fabrication, installation, and distribution in the MENA region.

SGI Group's management team is comprised of seasoned professionals in their respective fields. At the Board level, strategic investors map out the Group's aggressive growth strategy with full confidence in the operational management's ability to execute SGI Group strategy while capitalizing on existing synergies and maximizing investment returns.

At employees' level, SGI Group working environment cultivates a sense of ownership forming a long term impact of creativity and productivity.

Looking ahead, the only sustainable way to ensure the continued resilience and growth in the Facades Industry is by moving beyond competition on price alone to continued innovation, specialized service offerings, and enhanced quality.