Sanam Glass

Sanam Glass Company was established to own and operate the glass coating facility in Maan, Jordan. The 25,000 m2 facility is being built on a readily available 60,000 m2 plot of land. The facility was designed to accommodate the maximum production capacity of the coater while optimizing manufacturing logistics including raw material and finished product handling and stocking. In addition, the facility's design provides for any contemplated expansions. The plant is currently dimensioned to produce 5.5 million m2 of coated glass per year. Situated in the Southern Province of the Kingdom, the city offers superior industrial infrastructure, with expedient access to major highways, close to Aqaba sea port and international airport. In addition, the location is provides easy access to the GCC where suppliers and customers will be located; a fact that significantly improves the logistics of delivering raw materials to, and finished products from, the facility.

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Aluminium Manufacturing Company Limited (Alumaco) was established in 1978 on a 15,000 square meter land in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The aim was to meet the demand for high-performance architectural aluminium systems in the fast growing Saudi Arabian market. To reach their target, the Shareholders decided to go in a long-term license agreement with the leading company of high-performance aluminium system in Europe, SCHUCO International KG of Bielefeld, Germany. This license allowed the company to produce the full range of high-performance products locally in Saudi Arabia along Alumaco's own line of high-performance products. Alumaco has joined forces with SGI Group to leverage the high end products for SGI Group and to gain from the expansion planned for installing new and up to-date machinery. Alumaco produces numerous Aluminium products used in the constructions industry, including curtain wall, facades, windows, doors, cladding and much more.

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Alumaco International

Alumaco International Company is a contracting arm for Alumaco manufacturing company with headquarters in Kuwait and contracting branches located in Dammam, Jeddah, and Riyadh.

Alumaco International provides the expertise to install its products and deliver the services, targeting both the commercial and the non-commercial segments in the construction industry business. With eyes on producing high quality product, providing specialized professionals to give the end-user or the home owner a hand on the latest technology and the best service. It can provide customized product to fit the individual clients' tastes.

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Facade solutions

Facade solutions Company is Located on 15,000 square meters in Ras Al-Khaimah (UAE), Facade Solutions has been conducting their firm steps into the market with the highest world class quality products and under license of Schuco International (Germany). Facade Solutions has also been giving full installation solutions under license of RP Technik GmbH (Germany). Facade Solutions Company has a unique product offering including fire rated curtain wall, doors, windows, partitions, fabrication and installation, glass fittings for frameless facade and bolted systems (spider systems), aluminium cladding fabrication and installation, and fabrication of architectural metal works.

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In 2010 a strategic partnership between SGI-Group and GS Sistemi took place to develop the whole ME Market, to present the high quality products and to offer the best service for our precious clients. GS-ME will be looking after GCC, LEVANT, North Africa and India to better serve our clients in terms of quality service a time saving.

Architectural Applications:

  • Unitized Systems
  • Wood Aluminum (Thermal & Non-Thermal).
  • Curtain Wall.
  • Hinged Windows & Doors (Thermal & Non-Thermal).
  • Sliding Widows & Doors.
  • Sunblade Splines.
  • Blind System.

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Glass Fabrication

Glass Fabrication Company specialized in sophisticated architectural glass application. They have 31 years of experience in the building industry successfully providing quality services. Our products & services are structural glazing, semi-structural glazing systems, frame less glazing walls, spider glazing systems, windows & doors, sky lights & shower enclosures.

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International Standard Group

The company was established as Kuwait Standard Group in Kuwait in 1977 as one of the leading companies in the field of stone supply and installation solutions. Its offerings efficiencies include: procurement, stone processing and cutting, project scheduling and coordination, logistics and handling, external and internal installations and maintenance of construction stones. The company was renamed to International Standard Group when SGI Group acquired a majority stake in the company.

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