About us

Specialized Glass Industries Group K.S.C.C. (SGI Group) established as a construction facades conglomerate, with international aspirations, built around a large capacity and technologically advanced glass coater, with goals of becoming the leading fabricator, installer, and distributor of glass, aluminium, steel, and stone.

SGI Group's unmatched product line and experience has created a comprehensive solution to satisfy virtually any architectural structural facades requirements. Deep-roated regional operational expertise forms the basis for SGI Group's international expansions namely in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.



To become a household name as an industrial market leader in construction facades through designing, manufacturing, processing, installing, and maintaining all kinds of facades used in commercial and residential structures.


To establish operations in various countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia to better serve local markets, while capitalizing on, and developing, vast and deep-roated market and industrial knowledge, and expertise.


With the global demand for its products being at an all-time high, SGI intends to market and sell its products internationally. To achieve its goals, SGI plant to expand both organically, through manufacturing facilities and an increase of product range, and inorganically, through buying existing businesses. Where acquisitions are concerned, SGI prefers managerial control of targeted business or company, but may opt for a minority interest if the strategy called for it.

  • Horizontal Integration
  • SGI Group plans to expand operations through horizontal integration, in merging different companies within the same industry to widen its offerings while expanding its markets. The advantages of executing this strategy include:

    1. -Economies of scale - geographically diversification
    2. -Economies of scope - sharing resources, projects, business development
    3. -Increased market power - bargaining powers
  • Vertical Integration
  • SGI Group plans to expand operations along the up and down streams of the value chain -Vertical Integration- by establishing manufacturing facilities and distributors for the various elements of structural facades. The advantages of executing this strategy are numerous, to name a few:

    1. -Capture upstream and downstream profit margins
    2. -Improve supply chain coordination
    3. -Gain access to distribution channels


SGI Group was established in August 2007 as a shareholding company organized under the laws of the State of Kuwait with a capital of KD 24 million. Since its inception, and within the first six months of operations, it made a number of acquisitions and set up numerous companies to execute its aggressive strategy.

Immediately upon establishment, SGI Group started the foundation of Sanam Glass Company in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the flagship company that operates the glass coating facility for which SGI Group was formed.

SGI Group acquired a majority share of Alumaco, an aluminum fabricator and contractor, in Saudi Arabia in November 2007, and immediately set up Alumaco International in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia respectively. During the same period, SGI Group also concluded the acquisition of a majority share of what later became GSI, a seasoned glass and aluminum fabricator, in Dammam.

Within the first quarter of 2008, SGI Group set up Facade Solutions in Ras Al-Khaimah (UAE) and acquired a controlling stake of what later became International Standard Group, a stone supply and installation company, in Kuwait.


SGI Group's management team is comprised of seasoned professionals in their respective fields. At the Board level, strategic investors map out the Group's aggressive growth strategy with full confidence in the operational management's ability to execute the said strategy while capitalizing on existing synergies and maximizing investment returns.

Stemming from the knowledge that human resources are the crucial to the success of their business, the Group has devised a share based incentive scheme to reward the catalysts of success and to ensure constant alignment of personal and corporate goals.